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Our general direct email is
We are located in the PST timezone, (GMT/ZULU -8HRS) with relaxed hours of operation as time permits.

Airport and Weather Data

All commercial pilots are aware of very specific FAA-approved sources of airport, airspace and current weather data – like and While approved sources provide official APIs for others to retrieve and display that data, it should be strongly emphasized and understood that is not an FAA-approved source of reliable & current weather, ATIS, or METAR information.

Data may be delayed, inaccurate, outdated, improperly parsed or unavailable. The information should therefore be regarded as gratuitous and for demonstration purposes only. Not for actual flight planning. Contact FlightService (FSS) or other approved sources to be sure you’re getting the most genuine and reliable weather updates.

Wherever API data is dynamic and ever-changing, we make an effort to display freshness:

Fresh 3 minutes ago
Data last retrieved 52 minutes ago

This will indicate when the last request was made, but it also serves as a constant reminder that the information may have changed since. We provide “nags” on certain pages that require you to acknowledge and “roger that” in order to remove the nag. Logged-in members will only need to agree once. Each of our data sources will be listed, linked to and acknowledged with other credits when implemented beyond development and testing.


The first 99 VIP accounts are reserved for industry professionals in aviation. Only a valid and deliverable email is required to join. There is no other mandatory identifier.

Email/Login: Strictly private and not publicly visible.

An email is unique to each user, and there may be multiple users with the same nickname, so always use your registered email to log in.

Display Name: Required. Can be fictitious, generic, initialed, abbreviated, real or your company name. (3 characters min. Publicly visible. ).

Affiliation/Occupation in aviation
( Strongly preferred. Company, job title or rank. Publicly visible. )

First/Last Name: Optional, but if filled out, only visible to other members and website administrator.
( Optional and Private to members at the same level only. Leave blank if you wish. )

City / Location City, state or country. Optional, but recommended.
There is no address field.

Mobile: Strictly optional.
( If provided, private and only visible to the website administrator. Optional to receive SMS text alerts. )

Aircraft: What you usually fly – preference or experience.
( airplane, rotorcraft, military jet etc. Visible everywhere. )

Member profiles are private and only visible to other members when logged in. Only the website administrator’s profile is publicly visible to guests. You may choose to not appear on the members page/directory – effectively making your profile and member card not visible anywhere. All subscribers have the ability to delete their account themselves, in which case, all user metadata and profile info is automatically and permanently deleted.

Password should be strong for obvious reasons. We do not know, cannot read, and cannot reset your password for you, but you can always change your password on the password reset page where a link to reset will be emailed to you.

Geo and the globe

On geography, maps, VFR/IFR charts, places, pins and proximity . . .
Aviation is all about navigating the world.

Our website and application makes use of highly-advanced features such as dropping geographic pins on maps, providing VFR/IFR charts from various sources, and locating nearby airfields by proximity to a geographic location – and also in relation to you.

When requesting pins to a static location (like an airport), we simply drop a pin on a map. When requesting pins to a dynamic location (like your GPS location while traveling), you will be asked to “allow your location”. Clicking OK is non-intrusive, but your permission is required allow it. For example, it is the only way we can provide “airports near you”. Your location is merely used to calculate distances and proximity.


Cookies are a funny word for little receipts and *bytes* of information stored in your browser. When visiting eBay or Amazon for example, you might visit a product page which the website remembers on your next visit, and they will remind you what you last looked at.

Other than very minor preferences – like theme preference, or dark display mode – we do not store/set any cookies in your browser. We also do not track your individual browsing behavior.

For logged-in members, a server-side session is created for your visit, and usually expires after 24 minutes (1,440 seconds) to 24 hours of no activity. For visitors, a temporary session is created. Some third-party plugins may use a cookie for a specific purpose, but we do not. Except for general analytics purposes – like determining over all page views, and knowing which pages are popular – we do not know (or care) what pages specific members are visiting.

Client Invoice Payments

For clients, invoices may be paid online within a private user interface.
We do not accept “donations”, and all transactions must be invoiced for a specific product or service provided.

Payments are handled by STRIPE® for industry-standard, exceedingly stringent and secure transactions. No part of any credit card transaction is stored here – ever. While the transaction takes place here on our website, the communication is encrypted and strictly between the user and STRIPE® (the processor). At STRIPE®, our transaction record only displays the last 4 digits of your card, card type, your email, the date/time, and what you paid for. We can never know your full credit card number or other personal information. No unauthorized transactions are possible.

No mailing list or annoying newsletters.

We currently do not collect or maintain an email list, nor do we send out public newsletters. The only email you will ever receive from us is a response to your user input or direct interaction. Members may decide to receive email notifications which will be auto-generated, and must be requested (opted in) by you. There are currently no features that require a mobile number for SMS text notifications.

Submissions and uploads

Forward facing comments are off on all posts and pages. We are glad to receive comments, criticisms and suggestions by email, and we extend user requests every consideration. User uploads are currently only possible on your profile page – like avatar and banner images to dress up your profile.

Please do not upload images with any personal identifying information – such as photos of a license plate on a car. Any inappropriate images depicting gore, violence, or someone naked with a goat will not be tolerated. You get the idea.


Currently, this website does not serve any ads. But in case that ever changes, Google uses cookies to serve advertisements. We have no control over the ads you may see, but we have some limited control of the ads you don’t see. So we may disallow certain ad categories. Google and Gmail have their own method of serving ads based on their user’s general interests and the websites they visit. We are required to tell you the following . . .

Google’s use of the DoubleClick cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads based on your visit here and/or other sites on the Internet. Users may opt out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising by visiting Ads Settings. (Alternatively, users may opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies for interest-based advertising by visiting

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